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Our Team


Rachel Clarke

As a mother, a Deputy Head, the grand daughter of the first Black Headteacher in Wales, Betty Campbell, and the daughter of a Headteacher in London, Rachel has an inherent understanding of education. She has developed strategies to implement positive change, ensuring racial equity is embedded throughout schools. Working with many leaders  to improve schools Rachel is a "passionate, dedicated and inspirational educator, who strives for success with students and educators". She is motivated and driven by her refusal to leave the world in the same way she found it.

Hind Mrimou

Hind is recognised as a formidable and passionate educator, who is not willing to accept the inequitable attitudes and behaviour to racial equality.  Born in London of North African heritage, Hind has always been a part of and has worked in diverse settings. In her roles as a Senior Leader, and as a class teacher, Hind has been driven by her belief that every child should have the opportunity to achieve their potential, in spite of the inequalities that exist. As a mother of three children, developing a tool that not only promotes equality and equity but one that also leaves a positive change for the future of her children was an important motivation for this.


Nicola Thivessen

Nicola is of mixed African-Caribbean and European heritage, born and raised in London.  Stemming from a large mixed-ethnicity family and the daughter of a black former headteacher of an inner-London school, Nicola has grown up with a vivid and direct awareness of racial inequity.  Now with an established career within the corporate sector, Nicola is passionate about promoting equality, raising awareness and advocating for change to ensure equal experiences and opportunities for all, in part by challenging systems that enable and facilitate inequality.  A mother of a young daughter of mixed-heritage, Nicola wishes to ensure that she and all generations to come are never denied access to opportunities because of the colour of their skin.

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